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Red Flags To Academic Struggles

As a parent it is important to recognize, in a timely manner, signs that indicate your child is struggling academically. A first step is to communicate with your child’s school. Your child may also need additional reinforcement to help get back on track. 1. CHANGE IN GRADES & COMMUNICATIONS FROM SCHOOL: Most obvious is a change in subjects in which your child usually likes and does well in. By the [...]

Why The SAT & ACT Exams Post COVID 19 Are More Important Than Ever

Four-year colleges may face a loss of up to 20 percent in fall enrollment for 2020 according to SimpsonScarborough, a higher education research and marketing company who has predicted this on the basis of multiple student surveys it has conducted. Students are uncertain that campuses will reopen, and now are reluctant to commit for the fall. Evidence of this is based on surveys of more than 2,000 college-bound high school [...]

Essential Study Keys

If you have a son or daughter entering middle or high school this coming fall, you may be feeling apprehensive about the increased workload, the increasing difficulty of the curriculum, and the impending expectation that your student will be able to apply proper study habits. Being able to take good notes, engage in active reading, develop study and memorization techniques, and prepare adequately for upcoming tests and quizzes are all [...]

10 Homework Tips That Will Improve Your Grades

Your homework habits might be affecting your grades. Are you staying on track with your assignments? Feeling tired, achy, or bored when it comes to homework time? Are you arguing with parents about your grades? 1. USE A PLANNER Did you know that poor organization skills can reduce your final scores by a whole letter grade? That's why you should learn to use a day planner the right way. Who [...]

Setting Challenging But Realistic Expectations For Your Children’s Learning

Parenting isn’t easy. Everyone has an opinion on how you should raise your child, from family members to friends and colleagues, and even strangers. But most parents agree that they want their children to do well in school, and to hopefully develop a love for learning – whether it’s an academic subject, a language, or even a musical instrument. Setting high expectations for your children’s learning is an important part [...]

Multisensory Learning at Home: Tips for Parents

Discover 12 easy tips that encourage multisensory learning at home. There are many ways a parent can help and encourage a child by using some multisensory techniques. Although this may involve some changes in the home, the results may be well worth the effort.   Provide a structured environment for Avoid outside distractions whenever possible (computer, audio players, TV, radio, general clutter). A clean, organized desk and room help your [...]

Why Is Summer Learning Loss Such A Big Problem

SUMMER LEARNING LOSS IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM Our children are sponges full of information and summer does a really great job of wringing them out and pouring all of that information they soaked up down the drain! In the fall, they come to school rested, sun-tanned and…well…clueless! Getting back all of that lost information that they learned the previous year is a struggle. TAKE A LOOK AT THESE STATISTICS: The [...]

Why Is Summer Learning Loss Such A Big Problem D181 Resources

SUMMER LEARNING LOSS IS A SERIOUS PROBLEMOur children are sponges full of information and summer does a really great job of wringing them out and pouring all of that information they soaked up down the drain! In the fall, they come to school rested, sun-tanned and…well…clueless! Getting back all of that lost information that they learned the previous year is a struggle. TAKE A LOOK AT THESE STATISTICS:The average child [...]

How To Improve In Reading & Writing

How can you learn to read and write better? More to the point here: How can you learn to read and write better by reading web pages such as these? First of all: Reading is primary. One can write only as well as one reads. Consider: Not all readers are writers. Many people read newspapers and novels and never write an original word themselves. They can decipher words and sentences [...]

5 Ways Tutoring Makes Home Life Easier

HOW DOES LESS STRESS SOUND? “I love working a full day, having no time to decompress, and staying up late to make sure my daughter finishes her homework,” said no parent ever. Work/life balance has always been difficult to achieve even before the pandemic, and while stress has become second nature to so many of us, wouldn’t it be great to alleviate some? This is where tutoring comes in. Sure, [...]

10 Ways for Parents to Help Teachers

Here are 10 simple yet powerful things that parents can do at home to support teachers in their daily work of teaching our young children. Create a smooth takeoff each Give your child a hug before she ventures out the door and you head to work. Look her in the eye, and tell her how proud you are of her. Your child’s self-confidence and security will help her do well [...]

6 Tips For A Successful School Year

As the new school year unfolds, the time is ripe to consider some important tips about creativity, productivity, and well-being so as to inspire parents and kids. Please see these tips for fortifying kids’ capacities now, and throughout the school year. 1. Creativity develops over time, with the right kinds of learning opportunities, challenges, and supports. People are at their most creative when they’re doing what they love to do. [...]

5 Ways To Improve Your ACT Score

If your first (or second) ACT score isn't quite what you were hoping for, you probably plan to take the test again. Here are some simple ways to boost your score and improve your college acceptance and scholarship odds. Julie: We recently went through the nail-biting experience of waiting for my son's first ACT score to arrive. When it finally did, his reaction was almost exactly like our daughter's had [...]

How Back To School Tutoring Can Make This Year Your Best

Getting a tutor as or before school gets underway can kick your child's learning into high gear after summer! Beyond helping your children comprehend what they’re learning or will be learning in school, tutors play a much more critical role in setting the foundations necessary to make learning easier and more enjoyable. Our experienced after school tutors can teach study skills, can make learning fun and teach to fit your [...]

5 Ways To Improve Your SAT Score

Tip 1: To prep for the Reading Test on the SAT, make it a point to read more non-fiction outside the classroom, you could read the articles from the newspaper, magazines like the Economist will also provide passage similar to those found on the Reading Test of the SAT. While reading, do so actively asking yourself what the author’s primary purpose is and what is the tone he uses. This [...]

How Parents Can Support the Common Core Writing Standards

The Common Core State Standards are national standards that indicate what K-12 students are expected to learn in math and the English language arts. The standards themselves are lengthy and span K-12, but it's important for parents to understand the goals of the standards and ways to support school instruction at home. The recommendations below align with the four "anchor standards" of the Common Core writing standards: Text Types and [...]

5 Tips That Will Impact Grades This Semester

Whether school comes easy to your child or not, whether he's a straight C student or she's been on the honor roll her entire life, all kids can benefit from proper study habits. Here are 5 easy tips to help improve your child's grades this semester It is never too early or too late to start! Start with the homework that is hardest for your student. If you start with [...]

How Tutoring Can Help Close The COVID 19 Achievement Gap

As parents, you know all too well that remote learning and the hybrid approach are just not the same for your children as being in school face-to-face with teachers and peers. Since March of 2020, school felt like a car that needed some serious work. It started and stopped, it started and stopped, in that in-person school suddenly converted to full remote learning then a hybrid, followed by in-person, then [...]

How to Nurture Lifelong Readers in a Digital Age

Successful readers develop not just the skill but the habit of reading. As a decline in pleasure reading coincides with a move to different modes of screen-based texts, experts worry students need more comprehensive support to become lifelong readers in the digital age. “There’s a lot of pressure on readers today to be able to select texts that are purposeful and useful and to discard others” in academic contexts, said [...]

Tips for Successful Parent-Teacher Conferences at Your Child’s School

Talk with your child Ask your child what his/her strongest and weakest subjects are, and which subjects he/she likes most and least. Ask your child if he/she would like you to speak about anything particular with the teacher. Make sure that your child understands that you and the teacher are meeting to help him, so that he doesn't worry about the conference. Prepare a list of notes Make a list [...]

Writing “SMART” IEP Goals

We all set goals for ourselves, whether we are aware of it or not. Our goals can be as simple as getting to work on time. They can be as complex as budgeting our expenses. We know what we need to do, and we set out to do it. An IEP goal is not unlike a personal goal. With an IEP goal, we create an educational program for a child [...]

10 Things You Can Do to Raise a Reader

Parents are a child's first teacher, and there are many simple things you can do every day to share the joy of reading while strengthening your child's literacy skills. Read from day one. Start a reading routine in those very first days with a newborn. Even very young babies respond to the warmth of a lap and the soothing sound of a book being read aloud. Share books every day.Read [...]

Reducing Stress Is A Great Way To Increase Grades

School is stressful especially in light of a world-wide pandemic that caused at the very least disruption in schooling. Now students are expected to excel in each subject while keeping up with extracurricular activities while being poorly prepared from the past year. According to a special report by EducationWeek, “Since the pandemic began, children and adolescents have had higher rates of anxiety, depression, and stress, and even more specific issues [...]

Secret Weapon For A Great School Year

One secret weapon to a great school year is balance. For children to perform their best this school year, parents should ensure they get a good night’s sleep, eat a well-balanced diet, and have plenty of opportunity for exercise. EXERCISE Parents and educators alike can agree that kids need time to play outside. Outside play stimulates both the mind and the body, promotes better attention and focus in the classroom, [...]

How To Ace Your Next Exam

Not surprisingly, the number one thing you can do to ace your next exam is - Study! But here are some other tips to help you: Test yourself with a practice test Discover your weak areas from the practice test Study again Test yourself again That is the simplified version. For really great results on your finals: Start Early Gather together all the material you have received during the term. [...]

Goal Setting For Elementary School Kids

This is the perfect time of the year for teaching your children about goal setting! From academic (think: finishing homework on-time and accurate) to athletic (think: making the travel team) to extracurricular (think: practicing your instrument for 30 minutes a day), teaching your kids to set goals at an early age gives them a tool set they can use for the rest of their lives! Here are 5 helpful strategies [...]

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